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Made in the UK

Stylish, hard wearing, non-slip mats and runners for caravans and motorhomes. A unique collection developed for outstanding practicality and value.

Woven from polypropylene these handsome mats are virtually indestructible. They are backed with latex/gel for total grip on hard floor surfaces and will also work well on your short pile caravan carpet.

Smart whipped edges give ultra durability and longevity.

However much dirt gets trodden in you can preserve its ‘as new’ look by simply washing with warm soapy water.

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Caravan Mats | Quality mats for your caravan and motorhome

“Don’t forget a matching doormat to complete the look!!!”

Also available in feltback (Oatmeal) for total grip on your carpet and Flotex

“We sell thousands of caravan and motorhome mats every year!”

Caravan Mats | Runners for Caravans | Mats for Motorhomes  | Runners for Motorhomes

Not to be confused with cheaper,
inferior alternatives found on Ebay.